Fishing Tournaments for Phillip

Fishing Tournaments in Coastal Georgia for Phillip Wright
The Hickory Bluff Club & Marina is the proud sponsor of the only Inshore saltwater Fishing Tournament in Coastal Georgia to carry on the name and traditions of Phillip Wright.


JUNE 28TH 2014 TOURNAMENT: This years “Phillip’s Inshore Slam” was a complete success! Great prizes brought some of the best Anglers in the area to compete for the heaviest weight of an “Inshore Slam” which includes a Speckled Trout,  a Flounder and a Redfish. (please see the fish and gathering pics just below the results info)

So, with some of the best in the sport of inshore fishing competing with each other (each angler on each boat competed against each other in this tournament), who weighed what and proved the best of the best on June 28th? Check it out!

Overall Slam Winner – Chris Bell (7.13 Pounds)

2nd Place Slam Winner – Sam Stewart (6.59 Pounds)

3rd Place Slam Winner – Dillon Veal (6.45 Pounds)

Lady Angler Slam Winner – Morgan Thomas (5.01)

Junior Angler – Joe Stewart (Sam Stewart)

Stories about the Tournament – by Capt. Richie Lott

Being in the fishing business for over two decades teaches you to listen. If you’re not listening, you’re not learning. So, I did exactly that this weekend among this field of great fishermen as they competed head-to-head with each other, even on the same boat! I love it!

The best story I heard was from Chris Futch and Jeremy Petro. The duo fished hard in a couple of spots and stuck out the tough fishing right through until the end. However, their trip did not go without a hitch.

Chris Futch won the largest Trout Calcutta bet with a Trout that weighed 3.79 pounds. (Congrats on a NICE Trout, Chris!) Chris actually caught another winning fish that never made it to the scales.

It seems that maybe during some confusion on the boat in the early AM hours that day, Mr. Petro may have sabotaged his team mate, Chris Futch. It seems as if maybe, possibly, Mr. Petro swung the landing net a little wide on a nice Flounder that would have won the tournament… in turn, causing Chris Futch’s Flounder the ole’ “Auto Quick Release”! Is this possible? Well, you’ll have to ask Jeremy and Chris! 😉 All in good fun and competition, of course!!

As luck would have it, it seems there may have been some similar confusion on the Vernon Daniels and Chris Bell team Boat. Would it be possible for Vernon to pull the auto release on Chris Bell? No way! 😉

All jokes aside, this was a great tournament with great prizes. The turnout was wonderful and many contributed their time, funds and efforts to ensure the first Annual “Phillip’s Inshore Slam” went very well. Many thanks go out to Phillips mother (Michelle Wright) and her family, Chad Williams, Ken Arnett, Jamie and Brian Leverette, Scott Griffin and others who assisted with organization throughout the days leading up to the Tournament and of course, the day of the Tournament itself.

The food after the tournament was a great highlight as well.. Grandy’s Chicken, Buscuits, Beans, Peach and Blueberry Cobbler, Sweet Tea.. Wow.. Also, Brian Leverette and Ken Arnett put on a SUPERIOR Low Country Boil for everyone. Great fixings, great eating, great people, great prizes. What a well rounded Tournament and turn out!

We’re already looking forward to next years Tournament, and would like to publically thank each and every fisherman for their participation in this event. We look forward to seeing everyone again next season! Fish on!




“Phillips Inshore Slam”! June 28, 2014 (See Sponsors and all rules/sign-up info below)

Phillip’s Inshore Slam Tournament Rules: (Subject to Changes)

Definition of inshore slam for this tournament:

The combined weight of 1 Trout, 1 legal Redfish and 1 Flounder.

printer-logoDownload Printable Rules Here

Printable Tournament Sign up Sheet

The tournament will be a per angler event with the prize structure as follows:

riptide_st_91st Place  Minn Kota I-Pilot Riptide ST 80lb I-Pilot and cash/trophy. Value $1800


yeti-logo_979_normal2nd Place  YETI Cooler and cash/trophy.Value $500


conflict3rd Place 2 PENN Conflict/Ugly Stik Inshore combo’s and cash/trophy Value $300


Jr Angler Award: $100 Gift Card Bass Pro and trophy

Lady Angler: $100 Gift Card

  1.  Entry Fee : $50 per angler/Entry deadline June 22nd at 6 PM
  2.  Calcutta – Side Bet: $20 per angler for the largest trout:

(100% payback from Calcutta)

70% for 1st Place

30% for 2nd Place

  1.  This is a No Check-Out Tournament. No lines in the water before 6:30 AM.
  2. This is an “Elite” Tournament with a 50 Person Maximum (50-cap).
  3. This is a Tournament for recreational fishermen in Phillips name. No professional Fishing Guides should enter this particular event.
  4. Tournament Boundaries include Georgia waters only. You can launch your boat anywhere in Georgia waters, but you must return to Hickory Bluff Marina by water. Boats are only allowed to make land fall during tournament hours prior to weigh-in at Hickory Bluff Marina.
  5.  All weighed fish must be caught with rod and manual reels during tournament competition hours.  Fish must meet local, state and or federal harvest guidelines. No augmented, altered or mutilated fish will be allowed. Weighed fish will become the property of the tournament.
  6.  Protest must be declared by a competitor in writing, accompanied by a $100 cash deposit, no later than 15 minutes after the last fish has been weighed. The deposit will be returned if the Tournament Committee upholds the protest. Decisions of the Tournament Committee are final.
  7.  The Tournament Committee reserves the right to delay, reschedule or cancel the tournament due to inclement weather or other safety concerns.
  8.   No tournament boats are to come together unless an emergency exists.   Emergency assisting vessels must immediately contact the tournament   committee (912-262-0453).  Anglers are responsible for following all local, state, and federal laws. Any legal citation received during tournament competition constitutes disqualification.
  9.   Weigh-in begins at 4:30 P.M. Weight-in closes at 5:30 P.M. A Tournament              Committee member will determine the “Weigh-in Time”. In the event of a tie, the earliest weigh-in time will determine winner.
  10.   All boats weighing fish must return to weigh-in unassisted. Fish must be accompanied by the angler catching the fish to the scales. The Tournament Committee reserves the right to inspect any boat entered in the competition at any time. If not returning to weigh-in you must notify Tournament Committee by phone.
  11.  Prior to the start of competition, the Tournament Committee reserves rights to modify, add, delete or adjust any and all rules at their sole discretion as well as limit access and entries as it sees fit. There will be no refunds of tournament entry fees after June 27th 6 PM.
  12.  Participants in the tournament enter and compete at their own risk. The Tournament, its members, officials, sponsors, directors, sanctioning organizations, volunteers and or hosting entities shall not be liable for and hereby disclaim any and all legal liabilities for any and all damages of any kind suffered by any participant, entrant, angler, guest, spectator or individuals. The angler is hereby accepting full responsibility for the actions of the boat and team and proclaims he has read and understood official tournament rules.
  13.  Contact numbers for Tournament Info or Payment entry:
  14. Hickory Bluff Club912-262-0453

Capt. Brian Leverette – 912-399-3424 (Leave message if no answer)

Capt. Richie Lott  – 912-275-5577 (Leave message if no answer)

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