Phillips Story

Phillip Wright – The Story of his Life

To Phillip. From Mom..

Photo 2013-05-14 10.46.54 PMPhillip was a kind, loving young man with friends galore locally and afar. His southern draw and manners were those of old value and tradition. And frankly, not found very much these days. Phillips family and friends adored and loved him unconditionally to this very day. Phillip used words to his elders like “yes sir” and “no sir” or, “Thank you ma’am”,  “yes ma’am”, “no ma’am” and most valued, “Is there anything I can do to help?”.

Phillip always wanted to serve, be a leader and was always eager to assist most anyone. In other words, he aimed to please anyone and everyone he was associated with.

phillip-wright-st-simons-fishingPhillips love for Fishing and Hunting is what he is known for coupled with his kind words, respect and readiness to assist with any project large or small.

He spent a lot of time on the water and in the woods during his short time on this earth, but I would imagine he’s got greater oceans, larger forests and rare fish, animals, creeks and rivers to roam where he is now… Even better than what we have on this earth. (I feel him watching me write, as I shed tears to finish this paragraph).

Phillips life ended tragically and unfairly involving an accident while cleaning a firearm. It should be known that Phillip had experience with firearms and respected them. He was not “playing” with a gun when this tragic accident happened. This type of accident could happen at anytime to people who use and clean their firearms.  Phillip was a very experienced and dedicated firearm user, sportsman, avid hunter and marksman taught to shoot by one of the best sportsmen in this area. Phillip had learned firearms extremely well for his age and still, this tragedy took place by simply handling a firearm that he had handled a thousand times before. feature_ORS This website and the name, Phillip Wright will be upheld and carried on by many. We also intend to shed more light on firearm safety and our children. Again, this type of accident could happen to anyone at anytime during their life. This type of tragedy will not pick age groups, although Phillip was of a young age and robbed of the great life ahead of him. By: Capt. Richie Lott with permission from Michelle Cassidy and Victoria Wright

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