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“Once a Child is lost, it’s too late. Be aware and be Safe”
Photo 2013-05-14 10.46.54 PM(2)Contribute to firearm awareness and children’s safety. Be a part of the “Project Phillip Wright” movement and Gun Safety & Awareness Campaign. We’re campaigning to “shed more light” on the importance of Gun safety around children using many venues across the internet and on “Land”.

Our mission is not about “making” money. We’re working hard to aid and assist in keeping our children safe from fatal, accidental firearm incidents. With the help of several professional firearm handlers, we’re seeking only the best media and information on the web and on “Land” to bring you current, useful information on Gun Safety and Firearm awareness.

If you’re interested in a Donation to assist in keeping our website and movement alive, please simply fill out the short form below and Michelle will contact you with options from very simple contributions and internet help to corporate donations.

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