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Friends, Family and Fans of Philip Wright, please sign your name (if you would like) below and leave your comments. If you don’t see your comments right away, they will be posted shortly after admin has approved them.

We appreciate each and every one of you and your support in keeping Phillip’s memory alive. Feel free to write anything about an experience (or a wish to him in heaven) you had with Phillip or a memory you had of him, whether you knew him or not. May God Bless you and your families.


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  1. Phillip, we miss you buddy. You are a huge topic these days and I will see that it stays that way. The fishing tournament we’re having is like those you always helped me with, but now we have a Tournament to honor your name! I know you’re with me on that boat every single trip. See you at the Dock!

    —Capt. Richie Lott

    1. I appreciate the opportunity to share my memories of Phillip Wright! I don’t know if he loved hunting better than fishing, but he dearly loved and enjoyed both sports!
      I truly believe that Phillip had a special connection with animals. He truly could walk up to small or large animals and touch and pet them as if he was communicating in their language!! I once asked him how he did it and he said no big deal I just walked up and picked it up!!! I was amazed at his ability to do reach out and almost communicate with the different species. I would like to say “thank you” to Michelle and Victoria for continuing Phillips life with this website because within these pages, Phillip truly continues to live!!!

  2. Seeing Phillip’s pictures on this site shows that he was a young man full of happiness with a loving family and so many friends. This site says it all “Phillip” lives in the hearts of all his family and friends and most of all he lives with Jesus now.

    Michelle and Richie, you both did an awesome job putting everything together.

    1. Thank you for the kind comments, Ken. That was wonderfully put. I agree with you and Jesus knows Phillip well. We used to say a “Fishing Prayer” before we went fishing most times. Thanks again, Ken. God Bless you and your family.

  3. I wish I would have known you Phillip. my dad loves you and talks about you all the time. Wish I could have been here when you were fishing all the time with my dad. Rest in Peace!

    1. Cameron, I’m sure if Phillip were here today the two of you would be good fishing buddies. But, rested assured he is with you and your Dad in spirit every time you go out fishing. Thank you so much for thinking of him.

  4. I did not know phillip. However, I am ever greatful to y’all for sharing his story. As a mother of a 15 yr old gun enthusiast, his story helps me to teach him just how important following ALL the safety rules really are. I shared Phillips story so that hopefully others can help make gun safety a priority. So very sorry for your loss. Your in my prayers. God Bless.

  5. Cheryl,
    Thank you for sharing my son’s story with your son and others. Safety can never be stressed enough. Life’s lessons are forever imprinted on everyone. Thank you for your prayers and blessings.

  6. I always loved seeing Phillip when I visited Sanctuary Cove. He was always ready to talk fishing. Michelle, what a fine young man and what a great job you’ve done honoring him. Phillip, we’ll miss you.

    1. Terry,
      Phillip always let me know when he would see you. He talked about what a beautiful piece of property you owned. He said if he owned your property he would camp out there and fish 24/7. LOL, His memories are forever in our hearts, we had to continue to share in honor of him. Thank you for sharing your memory of Phillip with us too!

  7. We really miss Phillip. He was a fine young man! He really loved the outdoors and wildlife . He was our outdoors ambassador at Sanctuary Cove. What a great way to honor Phillip’s life.

    1. Jennifer & Emil,
      No word could ever describe how much I miss Phillip! Even things that don’t remind me of Phillip remind me of him. In other words, I think about him every other second throughout the day. Outdoors and wildlife was a natural love of his. Sanctuary was his refuge his preserve he lived every part of nature and knew more than a lot of adults. Thank you for the kind genuine compliments. I am grateful for all the help from every one assisting in his honor.
      Much love,

  8. I had the honor of fishing with Phillip a lot of times and never have I seen a kid take to the water and learn so much and be so pumped up to fish. We had some great times on and off the water with Phillip. He was a great kid and is missed greatly. I am sure he and Zak have joined forces and are looking down on all of us keeping us safe and smiling.

    1. Capt. Scott,
      Phillip shared some pretty hilarious fishing stories with us. But, I can tell you he had great respect for you. Amazingly Phillip talked about your son, Zak as though he were with y’all during your fishing excursions. It wasn’t until about 80 weeks ago or 560 days ago I learned that Phillip is now with Zak in heaven. Just goes to show you how much respect and strong Phillips beliefs were. I’m so glad he had the opportunity to fish with you and you with him. And I have no doubt they are both watching over us and smiling! 🙂
      Thank you for sharing,

  9. Phillip was a dear friend of mine. His mom introduced me to him one day in her office and he reminded me so much of myself when I was younger. I really miss his dearly. My friends and I would take him fishing and he was the one that made our trip. One of the best days I had in many years was when his mom and I took him to lunch for his birthday. We joked and laughed for hours. He always made me smile and we had some great times that I will always remember. He loved his mom and sister very much. He was like the son I never had. God bless him, Tom

  10. Great site and what a wonderful way to honor Phillip’s life. He was a fine young man with so much life ahead of him. I enjoyed the time I had with Phillip while working in Sanctuary Cove. He always wanted to help out with the landscape crews. Phillip was always exploring along the river, lakes, and in the woods. He reminded me of my own childhood. He will be greatly missed by me and all of the Carter Land Services team.

  11. I was fortunate enough to know Phillip for several years after I moved to Sanctuary Cove and ran into him very often late in the afternoon when I was walking 9 holes and he was out fishing or just exploring. He always had great stories to tell that would put a smile on my face. My daughter met him a number of times and loved to listen to his stories. He was such a pure nature lover. I was also fortunate enough to play a few holes of golf with him several times and he had a great natural swing and seemed to really love the game.
    Phillip, we miss you

  12. Phillip was my baby boy!!! I had the privilege of being his babysitter and watched him grow into an incredible young man. He loved exploring God’s creation, whether it was on the water fishing or in the woods hunting. My heart aches that he is no longer with us. I love him and miss him so much. Thank you for for honoring Phillip in this incredible way.

  13. What a great way to honor and remember Phillip. We miss seeing him ride around with his dog along the roads, miss seeing him fish on the lake banks, and miss seeing him play golf. Definitely not the same place with out him. Keeping him and y’all in our prayers.

  14. What an outstanding way to honor Phillip and his life. Although I was only able to spend time with Phillip in person a few times, I was privileged to keep track of his activities and accomplishments through his proud Mom. His pictures reveal a young man with a real zest for life and for the outdoors. He is greatly missed and a great loss for us all.

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